Giant Step Unveils Fania Newsletter + Free Download


Giant Step is proud to unveil a biweekly newsletter for the legendary Latin label, Fania Records. This labor of love that we hope you’ll appreciate features all original material and free MP3 downloads in every issue. As a subscriber, you’ll also receive:

• Articles written by journalists and experts (in English or Spanish)
• Highlights of the newest Fania releases
• Challenging trivia with chances to win music
• DJ playlists with the option to buy at reduced prices (so far contributors include Bobbito and Sake 1)
• Exclusive free MP3s in every issue

As a welcoming treat, please click here to subscribe and download a free MP3.

About Fania Records
Like many American stories, the tale of Fania comes from the boroughs and inner city barrios of New York City. In the early 60’s, young Latin musicians brought the music from their homelands into the Great Apple and thus began a great period of musical reinvention and free cooperation amongst the melting pot of cultures living in the city.

Fania Records is the leading catalog of tropical music in existence and is a part of Emusica Records, LLC. Fania’s catalog includes landmark recordings by virtually every luminary of the genre including Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Johnny Pacheco, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto and Larry Harlow among many others. For more information visit