Márcio Local Says, ”Don Day Don Dree Don Don”: Adventures In Samba Soul + Free MP3 Download

With Márcio Local Says, ”Don Day Don Dree Don Don”: Adventures In Samba Soul (out now on Luaka Bop), he stands at the crossroads of two great traditions in modern Brazilian music: one foot in samba (the heavily percussive Afro-Brazilian dance music that took its modern form in the early twentieth century) and the other in soul.

Márcio collaborated with producer Mario Caldato, as well as Armando Pittigliani who worked with Jorge Ben at the beginning of his career in the 1960s. The sound of Wilson Simonal, known in the late 1960s as the ‘rei do pilantragem’- the king of hustlers, permeates throughout the album. Pilantragem was a playful style of soul samba, bolstered by a fat horn section, often involving risqué double entendre and flirtatious boasting. Márcio revives this sound in songs like “Ela não tá nem aí” (She pays no mind) and one of his local hits, “Happy Endings.” His tunes are also populated by street savvy, triumphant soccer stars, fantastically talented dancers, and elegant black women– as in “Preta Luxo” (Black Lady Luxury).

Many of the reports from Rio today speak of narco-gang warfare, police repression, and the general dissolution of the social fabric, but Márcio’s songs constantly reminds us that Rio is also a place of beauty, revelry, and hope.

Free download: “Samba Sem Nenhum Problema” (Samba No Problem)