Chrisette Michele’s Epiphany Out Today

26 year old sultry-voiced singer Chrisette Michelle bestows her sophomore recording Epiphany upon us today. The follow up to her gold-certified, double Grammy-nominated debut I AM, Epiphany marks a transition away from her traditional leanings to a fuller integration of hip-hop soul. Opening with spacey keyboards and girl group backgrounds, Chrisette’s bold declaration of fly girl independence (“It’s over,” she sings) on “Epiphany (I’m Leaving)” featuring Ne-Yo sets the tone of most of the disc.

While angst and heartbreak is part of Chrisette Michele’s persona on this project, the power and strength of her material gives it the sound of a future classic.  Without a doubt, this is the first great album of 2009.

Stream tracks from the album here.

Jesse Boykins III Interview + MP3 Download

jb3The Beauty Created: An Interview With Singer Jesse Boykins III
By Mawuse Ziegbe, Photo (c) J. Shotti

No one has more swoon-worthy finesse than Jesse Boykins III. With his breathy intonations, boyish hustle and collaborations with artists like Melo-X and Theophilus London; he’s making noise in a soul music scene aching for something classic and new. In an age where vocals course through vocoders and double-clicks rule the DJ booth, Boykin’s New School-bred production and arrangement skills are both novel and necessary. His second album The Beauty Created is awash in richly textured instrumentation and driven by Jesse’s lyrical adoration of a woman’s quirks. Giant Step spoke with the Miami native about ’90s boy bands, working out with Bilal and, of course, the fairer sex.
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