Phantogram’s “Running From The Cops”

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Phantogram‘s “Running From The Cops” is taken from the duo’s EP of the same name. Filled with electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul and pop, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel’s beautiful, beat-driven, dreamlike songs meld together urban influences with the natural surroundings of their hometown, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Watch out for their forthcoming full length Eyelid Movies, out in late summer on BBE worldwide and Barsuk Records in North America.

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“The video takes place on a boring street corner in interior Brooklyn. A man walks and as he does, the color disappears from the frame. Next a hipster wearing light blue (cyan) walks out. He is our protagonist, and his shirt that says PHANTOGRAM is the only color we see. He notices a dog on the corner and he starts whistling at it. At that moment, three people with wearing medical masks come flying by, running like it’s the end of the world. The hipster freaks out, and decides to rescue the little dog and take off running too. Next a sexy police woman comes into frame and gives chase to the crowd. The hipster wearing the PHANTOGRAM shirt is scared for his life. As we watch we think, “Oh I get it, the song is called ‘Running From The Cops’”, but there is only one cop, not plural cops. Well, here in brooklyn, cops = pigs. So the next character to come out is a freak with a pig nose, dressed in all pink, carrying a bottle of swine flu. He looks angry and like he wants to raise hell. This explains why the people in the beginning were wearing medical masks, as he’s spraying the swine flu everywhere. Even the cop is running from because swine flu kills ‘pigs’. His pink outfit is the only other color featured prominently in the video. His pink (magenta) and the hipster’s blue(cyan) represent the two colors needed to make a PHANTOGRAM (like 3D images), so it has a tie in to the band name as well. As he chases the crowd, he wipes the frame, and the color returns to the image. All of the chaos has disappeared and it is once again a boring Brooklyn street corner. Those ‘dreams they never come true’.” – Naje Lataillade [Video Director]