Anjulie’s Self-Titled Debut Out Tomorrow

The years Anjulie spent honing her craft of singing and writing songs are readily apparent on her self-titled debut album. Co-written with her producer and collaborator Jon Levine (of Canadian R&B hit makers the Philosopher Kings), Anjulie sets intensely personal stories about her life, loves, obsessions, and heartbreaks to a glittering genre-blending mix of pop, hip hop, rock, and world rhythms she heard as a child growing up.

The confident and eclectic melange on Anjulie’s album explores a wide range of moods, a sign that she is an artist with a lot of range and versatility. The slinky opening track “Boom,” which debuted #1 on the Billboard dance chart, works a dark, Nancy Sinatra-esque ’60s vibe, while “The Rain” is a sleek, flamenco-flavored urban gem. Anjulie gets steamy on the feverish “The Heat,” the obsessive “Addicted2Me,” and the provocative “Some Dumb Girl,” before entirely switching gears on the uplifting acoustic-driven “Same Damn Thing” and the lovelorn piano ballad “Crazy That Way.” It’s not surprising that Anjulie is as eclectic as it is, as she cops to a host of musical influences, everyone from confessional singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette and the always-enigmatic Annie Lennox, to hip hop mavericks Kanye West and Lauryn Hill.

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  • Aaron

    Anjulie has a great sound – my friend put me on to her about a month ago and I’ve played her on my iPod ever since… I hope she wins the VMA this year! She’s got a contest going with Monster Music and they’re giving away some autographed headphones.. here’s the deets:

    Visit and enter now to win a pair of Monster headphones, with the box autographed by the sensational and sultry new Monster Music/HEAR Music Records singer/songwriter, Anjulie. The amazing, surround sound SuperDisc version of her self-titled debut LP, featuring the club hit, “Boom,” will be available from Monster Music in September, 2009. So, Monster thought, what better time to give a way some free headphones autographed by 2009 MTV Video Music Award nominee Anjulie! Plus, these Monster headphones haven’t even hit stores yet, which means you can be the first to rock ‘em!

    Contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 15, 2009!

    And to hear Anjulie’s sound, check her out on MySpace: