Video Interview With Teedra Moses

By Seher Sikandar

Giant Step Contributor, Seher Sikandar interviews soul singer Teedra Moses with a special surprise guest at the mid-way point.

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Teedra performed at Yoshi’s SF last week and just before the show I got to catch up with her for a bit backstage. Yes, I asked her about where she’s been and about her upcoming project. But these days I’m really into just asking artists about themselves, their thoughts, their interests – so I hit her with some of my randoms.

Teedra talks about her favorite feeling to personify, a dream besides music, what was the first song to personally touch her, and all kindsa fun ish you probably haven’t heard in another interview.

Although she put out mixtapes in both 2007 and 2008, the last many of us really heard from Teedra Moses was around the time of her first album, Complex Simplicity, in 2004. Teedra’s been keeping busy outside of the spotlight, though – writing, taking care of self and focusing inward, and being a highly involved mama for her 13-year-old twin boys. She just caught one of them watching soft porn – and Mama T was not havin it, as she swung her high-heeled pump – gesturing that she’s “kicking their butts” to make sure her little men are on point.

And she’s coming back – the top of 2010 is going to bring us Teedra’s sophomore full-length album, The Young Lioness. Apparently, she had really only been writing records for 3-4 months when she released Complex Simplicity, and “now I got a little chops on me and so like, I’m stylin a little bit,” she laughs. The feel is “still smooth but more confident” and the energy is rooted in loving strong – “I love to death,” says Teedra.

But the mood and the vibe vary; Teedra explains, “I’m all about experiences – all about what’s really real in my life. I deal with my life and on my album that’s exactly what I’m doing. So you could throw it on and you could drink wine to it, or you could drink yak to it, or you could smoke to it…”

There you have it. Line up your libations and prepare your ears.

Seher Sikandar is a Bay Area-based photographer and writer who covers music, art, and lifestyle events. Check out her work at

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    Did she say “kick it with an orgasm all day”? LMAO! You gotta love her. Cool interview/interviewer though. Can’t Wait for the album!