Photos: Giant Step, Less Artists More Condos and Erykah Badu present New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh Album Release

Erykah Badu‘s performance this weekend was live. Her medley of hits and fan favorites was a perfect set-up for the new album, which has been called a musical return to the personal love songs and organic sound of 1997′s Baduizm.  The new album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh comes out tomorrow. Pre-order here.

  • http://none JBB

    It would be nice if the main performance did not start 5 hours after the doors open.

  • br

    it would be nice if they didnt have spank rock play before her.

  • Capt. Funkaho

    Word! Spank Rock left the stage at midnight, then we waited an HOUR AND A HALF for Miss Thing to show up. My sources tell me she was still in Brooklyn when Spank Rock got off. And they were the THIRD opening act of the night. My impression is that the audience would have been happy with none.

    It is unconscionable for a performer to make her core fans wait around for 90 minutes between acts until she decides it’s time to go on. At 1 a.m. (4 HOURS after the listed showtime), her band creeped onstage, but lo, her DJ then spun another half hour of hiphop classics before Erykah arrived. WTF?

    That said, once she finally did get onstage, she rocked it. I don’t know if it forgives her absurd tardiness, but it was a fantastic show. She is a unique talent and an exceptional singer/singwriter, but she might show a bit more courtesy for her paying audience.


    The Captain

  • Cantona

    Let’s call this what it is:

    1) Erykah is known to show up late, I’ve experienced it personally many times. It is what it is and you can’t get angry cos once she does show up she ALWAYS “Smash’s it!” She’s an artist and with that had certain traits that we mere mortals don’t have-like showing up on time.

    2) She did perform and it WAS well worth it.

    3) My ticket was $20, I’d pay more than that to see her perform one song on her head at 4am while I was standing in a snow storm LOL!

    So stop complaining and if you want to see her show up on time spend 60 plus dollars to see her in a fancy venue.

    Now let’s take her new cd to #1

  • Monroe

    I totally enjoyed myself. I think that what people don’t understand is that artist like spank rock and Erykah come from the same “i’m just gonna do me, forget what you say” energy. I loved the entire show (was long as alllllll helllllllllllll) but it was def. dope… atleast the AC was working, because some venues are evil

  • Capt. Funkaho Responds

    Your response makes no sense. Your premise is that she is able to show up on time IF one is paying $60 at Radio City, but for a mere $25 we, the great unwashed, should gladly accept her arrival at any time that pleases her. Ridiculous.

    You apologize for someone who takes your money and ignores your displeasure. People in the audience were booing BEFORE she got on in protest of the delay. Don’t play yourself.

    As I said above in my original post, it was an amazing performance. I also raised the question of whether the performance excused her lack of professionalism and disregard for the value of the audience’s time. Yes, it was a pre-tour showcase in a club. That doesn’t excuse the borderline contempt for the fans.

    As to her CD, I downloaded it, as I imagine many others did and will do. Unfortunately, Megaupload doesn’t result in Soundscan units. The music business is dead.

    The Captain

  • http://none JBB

    LOL @ “mere mortals”

    I love and respect our artists (including Erykah) too, but that’s no excuse to put them up on a pedestal. Folks are completely free to complain if they want to.

    My time AND my money are valuable. So, yeah, the ticket was 20 bucks, but four plus hours of craptastic waiting around ain’t cool either.


  • Cantona

    @JBB – of course you can complain it’s a free country, I’m just putting it into perspective. It was a non traditional event. It took me back to Prince’s after parties at Nell’s, Tramps or even Life where he would even take the stage until 4am.

  • Capt. Funkaho III

    Prince’s after-parties were unannounced shows that took place once the arena show was over at 1 am or whatever. It’s disingenuous to compare that type of show with one where people paid admission and the advertising clearly said “Showtime: 9 p.m.”

    In any case, after watching the “Window Seat” video, I now understand that this woman has much more serious problems than chronic lateness:

  • Cantona

    @Capt. Funkaho III – I’ve never been to an Arena show that ends at 1am more like 11am at the latest. Prince’s show where announced similar to Erykah’s no advertising and only to fans. The venue would open at 11am and he would take the stage at 4am and rarely not at all. This is not an excuse for Erykah’s lateness, but like I said you need to put the whole matter in perspective. Regarding the music business being dead, I think you are referring to the record business.

  • Capt. Funkaho IV

    Cantona – once again you are off base. Giant Step did a mailing for this show, which is equivalent to advertising, and tickets were sold in advance. So in both those respects, a Prince aftershow at Nell’s is a completely different animal to Erykah’s show at Good Units.

    The three acts who opened for her hit the stage on time and the last, Spank Rock (who pretty much sucked), were offstage by midnight. So, given the fact that the show was ADVERTISED for 9 p.m. (the tickets also listed that time) and all the prior acts were done by midnight, there is no possible excuse for making the audience wait around for an additional hour and a half before she decided to show up.

    The record business is an important component of the music business (or was, anyway), and to the extent that it is now virtually impossible for artists to sell records, due to unlimited global downloading, I would say that the music business as a whole is thus also in serious crisis.

    Erykah’s last album barely sold 300,000 copies in the U.S., and this was an artist who used to routinely go platinum. What does that tell you?

    If audiences would stand up for themselves and stop making excuses for self-indulgent, unprofessional artists, maybe we wouldn’t have to keep putting up with this crap. Ya heard?