Giant Step Curated Playlist on LoKast Mobile App

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LoKast is the first mobile app that allows you to share music and media with people within 300 feet, building a disposable social network: It’s the Chat Roulette of music apps. Log on and see what your neighbor is listening to. This app is FREE and so is the music in the Giant Step-curated Playlist.

Giant Step’s curated playlist on LoKast consists of eleven hand-picked tracks, from some of our favorite artists, like Mark Farina, DJ Sun and The Pimps Of Joytime, all with electronic and soulful musical elements. Whether it’s a remix or an original track, the beat running through this hour is steady and funky. We dare you to not dance.

Grab the app, and after the jump check out our playlist. Download Lokast Here.

The playlist starts with “Fun” by DJ Sun; layers of samples maintain the initial groove. The next track comes from The Pimps of Joytime, who are known for their spectacular live shows, but clearly they have the ability to transfer that energy neatly to a record. Balún gets a bit spacey with their softer atmospheric sound on “Snol” while The Neurotic Drum Band comes in – a world of droids programmed to “interface with humanoid females” and simultaneously lay down the funk. Then we ease into a techno track titled “Latin Combo” by Ulysses, from the same label as the previous space-funk track, The Wurst Music Co.

Next we get into some old Giant Step Records compilation gems including Agent K remixed by DJ Spinna on “Rideaway Getaway,” and “The Mast,” a nice soulful vocal track by RSL with tight horns and complex percussion. “Strange Kinda Love” featuring Monique Harcum is that nice, R&B joint by SoulStice we’ve been into for a minute. Salvador Santana, (son of Carlos), plays mean keys on “Don’t Do It (Daddy Vad Remix)” and picks the mix back up to party-level. We continue with Mark Farina’s “That’s How,” a solid dance tune created by hot little electronic blips and with random music quotes. “That’s How” escalates and we move onto the last song, a remix of Scott Hardkiss. The lower tempo and Britta Phillips‘ dulcet voice in “Come On, Come On (Dean & Britta Mix)” should bring you safely back down to Earth after all this playlist-induced astral traveling.

Giant Step Playlist on LoKast:
1. “Fun” by DJ Sun (Soular Grooves)
2. “Keep That Music Playing” by The Pimps of Joytime (Reachin Up Productions)
3. “Snol” by Balún (Expansion Team)
4. “Neurotic Erotic Adventure” by Neurotic Drum Band (The Wurst Music Co)
5. “Latin Combo” by Ulysses (The Wurst Music Co)
6. “Rideaway Getaway (DJ Spinna Remix)” by Agent K (Giant Step Records circa 2004)
7. “The Mast” by RSL (Giant Step Records circa 2004)
8. “Strange Kinda Love Feat. Monique Harcum” by Soulstice (Wandering Soul)
9. “Don’t Do It (Daddy Vad a.k.a. DJ Vadim Remix)” by Salvador Santana (Various Music)
10. “That’s How (Original Mix)” by Mark Farina (Great Lakes Audio)
11. “Come On, Come One (Dean & Britta Remix) (Featuring Britta Phillips)” by Scott Hardkiss (God Within Recordings)