We Bay We Boogie: Rehes Gets Down With Elevator Fight + MP3

One remaining artist profile from Rehes’ SXSW adventure:

“This whole ‘stand around and look bored’ thing happens way too much [at shows]” says Dominic Angelella, guitarist for Philadelphia based rock-the-eff-out-with-your-respective-genitals-out band, Elevator Fight. “There’s so much music available right now it really takes a lot for people to get stoked. And we want people to get stoked.”

The band’s been known to previously describe their music as “liquefied panda rage” and “like that night where you think everything is going to be really fun, but you take that one extra drink and everything goes horribly wrong.” Damn, son – like that?  Yeah, like that.  They get the frick down.

They go cliff diving and rock climbing for team building exercises.  The female lead broke all the equipment and laid a black eye on a substantial male band mate at the first rehearsal.  The same little lassie’s special man and company thrust me and a couple other photographers straight up onto and damn near over the stage during Elevator Fight’s SXSW performance because homegirl told dude to get the crowd a little hype.

Who. In. The. Eff?  Elevator Fight is Zoe Kravitz on lead vocals (yes, she is the bebe of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, and yes – she is fine), Khari Mateen on bass, Dominic Angelella on guitar and supporting vocals, and Joe Baldacci on ze drums.

All but Zoe used to be part of a band called Nouveau Riche, which featured YouTube vlog phenom and now Columbia recording artist, Nikki Jean as the front woman.  The band also played as the east coast back up band for LA-based electro-soul duo J*Davey.  Elevator Fight formed after meeting the strangely charming Zoe at the Roots Picnic in 2008 (a yearly day long concert hosted by The Roots in Philadelphia).

The busy group, each occupied with individual projects, has been playing together for about a year now and is working to release their first official EP.  “Inspired by Jack White, Prince, Garage-rock bands, Lou Reed, loud bands, bands that wear costumes, bands that use broken equipment, performance artists, getting drunk together, [and] getting drunk alone,” these nomadic children are neither here nor there, making the recording and performance process very come as it may or a “fly by the seat of your pants type of thing” as they call it.  I’m sure it’ll make for a very interesting record from the free-spirited bunch.

Previously, Elevator Fight recorded a more informal EP in Joe and Dominic’s basement called Songs from Dangletown.  Although the EP was never released, you can find several of the songs from it floating around on the innanets.  Apparently it sounds a lot like their live shows; I’m definitely with that.  Mofo’s kill live.

But don’t be scurred, boo’s; they’re normal-ish, kinda. “We’re nice people; don’t be scared of us because we stumble into each other/hit each other on stage.”  And they like pizza and collect records and stuff.  Zoe and Dominic scour the Earth for disco records from India, Joe is a Looney Tune soundtrack aficionado, and Khari just has mad records he hangs on his wall (in fact he has the most out of the group) and doesn’t listen to.  And FYI, you’ll apparently find “outstanding” pizza at Homeslice in Austin.  Now go stuff your faces and rock the hail oot, putos.

Elevator Fight – “Nemesis” [MP3]


Rehes is Seher Sikandar, a Bay Area-based photographer and writer who covers music, art, and lifestyle events. Check out her work at rehescreative.com.

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