Exclusive Interview with Jyoti

We are excited for the release of Jyoti (aka Georgia Anne Muldrow)’s new album, Ocotea, which is scheduled to drop June 15, 2010 on SomeOthaShip Connect. We got the chance to sit down with this singer, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire and get the scoop on her artistry, spirituality, and experience as a new mom.

What’s your favorite jazz album ever and why?

it’s really hard for me to pick just one record that i love the most, what i tend to dig are ones that are drenched in the pursuit of higher consciousness, or are heavily rooted in the blackness of music…

Alice or John?

Alice and John.

Did you get to work with Alice Coltrane? What was that like? Was there any advice from her that stuck with you?

Nope, never made no music with her…but she held it down for me in a deep way, and that’s all i really wish to say about that. i’d much rather express it through  the music….

We know ‘Jyoti’ means ‘light’ – why do you think Alice chose that for you? Does this represent something bigger in the universe? How does your spirituality affect your music?

in time, that will be revealed…if there is one thing for certain, it’s that Swamini Turiyasangitananda is always repping and relating to something much bigger in the Universe. Music is spirit….i would not be able to create it without the help of the ancestors who are the spiritual force behind my constant evolution.

You’re a new mother – is it difficult to balance a family life and music career? Did the experience of becoming a mother change your outlook?

I love being a mom, and i feel really fortunate to get to be with a person like Dudley. He is an amazing man who always keeps me going when i think i can’t anymore….always providing balance in the moments that I’m not able to, and being so strong in who he is to our family. That’s a true warrior husband right there. That’s a true voice for our people right there.

What is your songwriting process like? (For Ocotea, did you write arrangements for all the instruments? Did you use a computer software program?)

I named it Ocotea after a certain kind of aromatic wood that is used to purify frantic and unbalanced energies when burned like an incense. it really opened up a creative wormhole as soon as i had burned it…the process was so intuitive i listened back to it like “wow, how did all that music get made?!” Yes, all of it was recorded on my computer….using logic and reason…i love  being able to envision a sound and physically replicate it to the best of my ability…i love using the computer as my synthesizer. It’s my training course for when i actually can have a wall full of analog synthesis at my fingertips…and a bigger recording budget ha ha! i work with what it is that i got, and i’m grateful that folks can dig it or not.

Between the 2 production aliases, (Jyoti and G&D) which is more work-intensive? Which is more fun?

Jyoti has alot of spontaneous textural atmosphere that is created on the fly…but at the same time the musical structures are much more complex and brainy…G&D has more of a grounded melodic arrangement to it, but the sonic process is very precise, and plus there’s another brain computer involved ( that’s dudley) that lends a lot more force to the musical expression. which is more fun? that’s like asking, “Alice or John?” G&D is always the tightest one.

You’ve moved through multiple genres in the past, with different aliases and styles. What’s planned for the future for your label, SomeOthaShip Connect? Will there ever be a G.A.M. rock album?

There are so many talented folks we are working with at the moment, so we’re focusing on that, but as always Dudley and i always got some big things cooking.

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Yes…destroy babylon…especially the one inside the mind.

Stream a track from the new album, “The Black Mother”

  • Manny

    very cool. brain computers…Someothaship…. And yes, destroy Babylon in the mind. Hard to do, but worth the effort.

  • milagros

    Great out look, great presentation, great song from a great woman.
    Also, some excellent questions. My favorite: Alice or John and Jyoti’s perfect answer:
    Alice and John.
    She answered that bedeviler: What’s your favorite jazz album ever? Beautifully, too. Not sidestepping it but showing us what informs her spirit.

  • http://www.nowarningshotsfired.com Nomad Sirrah

    I have two of her GAM albums and her music just pushes the creativity that we have as a people and it shows us all that we can go “outside the box” and get love for it.

    rdu, nc PEACE