Daptone Records’ Budos III

Our friends at Daptone Records have a new release out this week: the third album from Budos Band, titled Budos Band III. Produced by Bosco Mann and TNT at “House of Soul Studios” in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the band’s third full-length studio effort was conceived during weekly, beer-fueled Staten Island writing sessions – as well as more than 150 live gigs over the last two years – and recorded during a 48 hour period in January 2010.

If the menacing album art, which features a cobra primed for the attack, is any indication of the music itself, we can expect an all out assault of the senses, with a tendency towards the venomous and psychedelic.

The Budos Band: “Unbroken, Unshaven” [MP3]

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  • http://www.belleboussole.com Belle Boussole

    I would really love to peep this track, but the mp3 player gives a “File Not Found” Error. Just FYI.

    Budos Band, and just about everything else that Daptone puts out is KILLER though….

  • admin

    @Belle Boussole Sorry Belle, the link has been fixed now. Try again!