Dotmatic – It’s Yours Vinyl + Contest

Dotmatic has been extremely busy in the studio cooking up some tasty treats. This year he has been featured twice on the Record Breakin’ Music 5 Year Anniversary compilation, released the first in a new series of seasonal projects with Lullabies for Winter, and now It’s Yours. All this and we are only three months into the year! Reminiscent of his highly acclaimed debut album The City, Dotmatic puts his own twist on hip-hop and soulful beats, all packed into a 45 vinyl record. Apparently a rather quiet fellow was able to sneak into the studio and copy some notes he left laying around that described the tracks on It’s Yours… Check them out after the jump.

Dotmatic gave us some wax to give away, so enter to win a copy of the It’s Yours 7″ single.

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“It’s Yours” – apt in jersey- working on project with rapper from Camden, my version of nas illmatic song, video: borrow from rappers story, mini 8 mile but from Camden, Nas type track live drums, new motown, classic Dotmatic, cuts by DJ SK, member of Kinesiis project

“Night on Fire” – West Philly- session with Afro sample: classified folk, cover has been done by other producers Dilla, no one has done this song, video: anime “everyone on fire” Talib Kweli (mixtape, Liberation) Madlib to Jay Z, dirty soul

“Dream Love Reality” – moms in Jersey – workin on mental break up song – goes through stages of relationship, sample: unknown, given to by friend, Mos Def, MED, ?uest drums, Midwest/Chicago soul, classic Dotmatic

“Hi” – bonus track. we’ll let you find out on your own.