Electric Wire Hustle – NYC Tour Behind the Scenes Video

One of our favorite bands from down under, Electric Wire Hustle gave Vibol Moeung’s Foxtree Studios behind the scenes access to their NYC Tour which took place this past October. The band, which Okayplayer hailed as a “CMJ Highlight” during this very tour, is chronichled in the highly stylized mini documentary above. From watching the video it’s plain to see that New York warmly embraced their self-described “free-form” style of music that blends hip hop, psychedelic, and soul all into one neat exciting package.

Of particular note is lead singer Mara TK’s subdued neo-soul-like vocal stylings reminiscent of D’Angelo in his prime. This unique voice, paired with the band’s funky yet soulful beats are a marriage made in musical heaven, as evidenced in their self-titled debut album. Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

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