DJ Brainchild & Dego Release It’s All Over The Place Mixtape + Dego’s Solo Debut Album Out June 20th


Brooklyn based music aficionado and our pal DJ Brainchild was commissioned by the highly revered sound magician Dego (2000Black, 4Hero, Silhouette Brown) to create a mixtape chronicling his works, old and new alike. Brainchild took care to perfect a delicate balance between well known tracks, lesser known “overlooked” tracks, and hidden gems many probably didn’t know existed. His favorite from the mix include: 4Hero’s “Hold It Down,” Da One Away’s “Trash Da Junk,” Dego’s “What ever” and 2000 Black’s “If You Got 3 Wishes” and “Got Me Puzzled.”

The mixtape serves as a precursor to Dego’s long awaited solo debut album entitled, A Wha’ Him Deh Pon, which will be released on his own label, 2000Black. Out June 20th, the album will feature Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kaidi Tatham, Taylor McFerrin, Face, Ferraz, Nadine Charles, and Matt Lord, amongst others [insert maniacal squeals of crazed excitement here]. Enter your email address in the widget below to download the mixtape for free; kick ass weekend music just in the knick of time.

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