Muhsinah Releases ‘Gone’ Free Double EP


Muhsinah’s newest project is just a little too incredible to be free. Over the past couple years, we’ve observed Muhsinah’s social network musings and seen her process her growth as an artist, all the while wondering what’s next. What’s clear is that Muhsinah did not spend a bit of that time in vain. A creative to the core, Muhsinah has chosen to traverse new territory with her sound and pulled it off flawlessly.

Throwing in some rock, dance, and even punk, Muhsinah might go through a single track sharing likeness with both Kenna and Brandy, while still being herself. She’s your secret favorite radio hit, your throwback punk jam from middle school, and your underground genre-shifter all at the same time – homegirl is not playing any games.

After winning a trip to Aruba to open for Jennifer Hudson, an inspired Muhsinah turned a single EP into her Gone “double EP” – meaning two EP’s in one. The first EP is called Urban, while the second one is called Suburban. Enter your email into the widget below to download Gone!

Muhsinah – “Stop & Go”

Muhsinah – “Down to 1″

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