Hindi Zahra Shares “Fascination” + Acoustic Video & Interview Magazine Feature


Hindi Zahra – “Beautiful Tango” (unplugged) from Wedge Mgmt on Vimeo.

Not long ago we introduced you to Hindi Zahra, a truly charming Parisian vocalist mixing jazz, blues, and folk. Today, we’re excited to share a few goodies from one of our favorite newer acts.

Yesterday Hindi Zahra premiered her newest single, “Fascination,” on Filter with a free download. The song is warm, folky, and perfect for an afternoon hum on our ranch (assuming we had a ranch). Find it below!

Interview Magazine has dropped an insightful feature on Hindi, covering everything from her role models and her view on some flattering comparisons (Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith) to the influence of film on her music.

The feature also touches on Zahra’s songwriting process, which is particularly intriguing. Ignoring pressures of peers to record, she took her time to start an album when she was “ready” – that time ended up being at age 28. Now 32, the graceful artist exhibits a peaceful patience in her approach to her music:

When I write, I write step-by-step. I just write a few words, and then I come back to the words. I have a lot of songs that have just four words. It starts like this, and I came back one or two years after. I work on it when I have a feeling to do it. I never force myself to do something. I think that I have to respect the inspiration. I just understood that you have to leave things, feel things, travel, meet people, get alone—and after, the music and lyrics come.

And if you haven’t already taken a peek, above you’ll find a video from an enchanting acoustic performance of “Beautiful Tango,” the song we shared with you earlier this month.

Look out for the digital release of Handmade on September 26th. Also be sure to check for Hindi on tour beginning September 30th.

Hindi Zahra – “Fascination” [MP3]

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