Rest In Peace, Sylvia Robinson


Sylvia Robinson passed away this morning at the age of 75. The singer/songwriter, label owner, and “mother of hip-hop” Initially received acclaim for her racy 1973 single “Pillow Talk.” In 1979, Robsinson went on to form Sugar Hill Records with her husband.

The label brought about the legendary Sugar Hill Gang and their seminal hip-hop classic “Rapper’s Delight,” which became the first commercially successful rap song. Sylvia’s vocal talents weren’t forgotten either, with the likes of Moby and J Dilla sampling her soulful tunes.

Thank you for helping pave the way for so many after you, Sylvia. Rest in peace.

New Release: Gilles Peterson – ‘Brownswood Bubblers 7′


Oh, how we love love love this compilation series – Gilles always brings it. Brownswood Bubblers Seven is out now and it features some great upcoming talent including The Step Kids, Tall Black Guy, KING, Cubic Zirconia, The Park, and Zara McFarlane, amongst others.

Listen to the teaser mix below and try to tell us you’re not tickled. Go ahead!

Brownswood Bubblers Seven // Album Teaser by Brownswood

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New Release: Vindahl – ‘Serendipity’ + Exclusive Free Download ft. Coco of Quadron


Boom Clap Bachelors co-founder Vindahl is soon set to release his first solo effort. Called Serendipity, the album takes a journey through a variety of electronic sounds, ultimately serving up a palatable platter of bright, highly ambient music. Guests include Jenny Wilson, Coco from Quadron, and the Boom Clap Bachelors.

While the album has its official release set for October 17th, Tokyo Dawn has made the digital version available now! After four years in the making and many postponements on this precious labor of love, it’s understandable that Vindahl may want to bend the rules a bit.

We are honored to have the opportunity to present three of our favorite tracks along with an exclusive download of “Head Over Heels” ft. Coco. Enjoy!

Vindahl – “Down”

Vindahl – “Head Over Heels” ft. Coco of Quadron [MP3]

Vindahl – “The Opening”

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New Release: Mocean Worker – ‘Candygram For Mowo!’ + Free “Swagger” MP3


Mocean Worker’s most recent album, Candygram For Mowo!, just arrived yesterday and it rips. We got a jazzy free download for you called “Swagger,” which reaches far beyond what you’d expect from a track by such a name. Ready yourself for involuntary hip twisting and other unnamed sensations.

“Swagger” // Mocean Worker by Calabro Music Media

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