Next Step Artist Spotlight Entries For October & November


NOTE: Due to a technical mishap, contest entries for October were lost. The contest has been extended through November, and we’re encouraging everyone who submitted for October to do so again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Next Step is a monthly contest to aimed at giving back to our thriving community of artists who keep us going! Our goal is to highlight some the freshest new musical talent, which also happens to abundant in this same community. We accept submissions from anyone that makes music – producers, singers, instrumentalists, rappers, and bands alike are all welcome.

The winner will receive an “Artist Spotlight” feature post on the Giant Step website, and up to $1,000 in Giant Step Marketing services!

We featured Tara Priya in July, Iman Williams in August, and Tall Black Guy Productions in September. Give them all a listen in case you haven’t already.

We will be accepting submissions from today until Monday, November 28th. We are now open and ready to consider entries for both October and November!

Submit your music for consideration!