SXSW 2012 Photo Wrap Up + Top Fives


Photos by Seher Sikandar and Ashleigh Reddy.

Bare legs and beautiful people, music blasting from every doorway, epic parties with blow up rafts for crowd surfing, and more good eats than you can count on your fingers and toes, South by Southwest (SXSW) is the epitome of camp for adults. Above, take a little peek into our time at SXSW with this photo slideshow from some of our favorite shows!

We’ll leave you with a couple fun top 5 lists of our SXSW highlights – our top 5 performances and our top 5 places to eat!

Top 5 Performances

Alice Smith – The woman can sing her behind off, first of all. Every time we’ve seen her perform it’s all heart and soul – you watch her feel the spirit and are compelled to be moved by it right alongside her. Just epic. She also sang a few new cuts off of her upcoming album that will be coming out this year – and yes, they are amazing.

Michael Kiwanuka – Another magnificent voice. As we walked up the stairs to the church Michael was performing in, we couldn’t help but find ourselves in disbelief yet again at the voice emanating from the stairway and the walls – we had to be in a time warp, right? Was that voice really coming of this humble young man in 2012? Once we entered the room of jam packed pews, we became witnesses to our seeming fantasy becoming reality. Simply beautiful.

THEESatisfaction – So much flavor and heaps of attitude, these ladies are entertainers. With lyrics about bisexuality and racial identity, they also aren’t afraid to push the envelope and talk about things that actually matter. The melodic, often dense, dark, throbbing sound enraptures you like you never knew how you were without it before.

Erykah Badu – Anyone that’s seen a few Badu shows knows that no one show is ever the same. The lady can fill up a stadium with charm enough to make you think she was your homegirl talking just to you. In her home state, Erykah does not play – at all. The energy was the livest of live and we took it all in.

Rick Ross – Rawse at the Fader Fort. What else is there really left to say? Call and responses reduced to grunts and a hysterical crowd of hipster fans = everything you’ll ever need in life.

Top 5 Places to Eat

Kebabalicious – Quite possibly one of the best food trucks ever in life. Turkish fare in the form of kebabs, falafel, and secret sauces you wish you could high five. We recommend the kebab and falafel wraps as well as the falafel shots, which are single falafel orders that come with two of their amazing sauces.

La Condesa – A bit of a fancier sit down establishment. Great ambiance and an awesome private dining area downstairs that can be reserved for large groups. They have a fancy guacamole sampler with four different kinds of flavor infused guacamole – don’t knock it til you try it. Their salsas are also out of this world, which come as a set of four flavors. Really, everything is incredible – from their tacos to salads to their various pan-Latin entrees. We personally had a soft spot for their steak, though – no words.

Torchy’s Tacos – A small local chain of Tex-Mex taco joints. Also another place with great guacamole. But what you really need to get down with are their inventive tacos – try the baja shrimp, jerk chicken, fried chicken, fried avocado, and fajita style tacos. Combine with their 4-5 different special house sauces (some of which are hot) and you will lose your mind. Our favorite sauces are the diablo (habanero), poblano (ranch mixed with poblano and serrano peppers), and tomatillo (fire roasted chilies, tomatillos, grilled onions, cilantro, and a shot of lime).

Saltlick BBQ – We actually went to what seemed like the headquarters location, which looked like a Western film and smelled of smoky goodness that will instantly sticks to your clothes. The chopped beef sandwich with their house BBQ/mustard sauce was great and their peach and blackberry cobblers were something to call home home about – eesh.

Peckerhead’s Pizza – In the heart of the 6th Street strip. Lovely, glorious, so so tasty greasy cheese slices. You can’t go wrong.