Interview: Q-Tip on His New ‘Offline’ Monthly Launching This Friday 6/15


As you must now know, the launch of our new monthly, Offline, at Irving Plaza with Q-Tip is now only a few days away. We recently caught up with Q-Tip to get the low down on this summer’s new go to party, amongst a few other juicy tidbits.

Giant Step: Congratulations on your new monthly party, Offline! How are you feeling about the launch?

Q-Tip: I feel good about it. Hopefully folks will come ready to dance, be open minded, and ready to enjoy different types of music. And you know, take it to a time where New York was bred for partying and not just kinda standing around – like a real dance party.

GS: What can partygoers expect to see and hear at Offline?

Q-Tip: They can hear any and everything, man. From a lot of dance and disco and boogie music, a lot of boogie music to lots of salsa, hip hop, dub. Old school hip hop, that is – a lot of that. A lot of funk. Afro Cuban, Afro Beat, rare groove. Electronic. Classic stuff! Also I had a DJ booth specially designed which is an art piece. The creator is a wonderful artist called Susan Linss. At each party she will add a new piece of art which is really exciting!

GS: Do you have a certain philosophy around the music you put play when you DJ?

Q-Tip: My philosophy depends on the type of party, but usually for my type of parties my philosophy is to keep people dancing and exchanging that energy coming out of themselves. You know, you work all week or you go through what you go through not to come and stand around and Twitpic or Instagram stuff and put it on Twitter. You come to be offline, to experience it, to dance, to feel the music. So my philosophy is to encourage that.

GS: When you think about great NY parties of the past what were some of your favorites?

Q-Tip: My favorite parties were like Mars, Studio 54, Red Zone, The Garage, Bassline, Love Light (not Limelight) – Love Light was dope, the original Nell’s, The World, Life, Save The Robot. So many places.

GS: And what made them so special?

Q-Tip: Because it was unpretentious, great DJs, with an eclectic of mix of music, people, and fashion. You really got to rub shoulders with different types of people from different walks of life. And the music was just adventurous and it wasn’t the same thing. I feel like today you can go into a club and a lot of the cats are playing the same kind of things that you hear on the radio all day long. And you don’t really get to escape or find something new or party or make a discovery, you know what I mean? And it’s a little obnoxious to me.

GS: We know you’re working on new music. Can you share a little bit about what’s cooking?

Q-Tip: I’m basically doing a lot of production right now and that’s going really well. I’m about to start my new album in the latter part of the summer and it should be out next year, so I’m excited about that. I’ve been excited about music in general, so it’s really good. I’m making music for other people and myself: Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Ledisi

GS: Everybody knows that summer is the best time in NYC, especially for a party. What’s embodies an NYC summer for you?

Q-Tip: A New York summer is being in the city that’s kinda empty because a lot of folks always leave New York and go away. It’s not as crowded and not as much traffic – you sort of get the city to yourself and its kind of cool. Official, official New Yorkers are in NY in the summer. I hate to say, but it just makes it more authentic. Summer in New York is when you can really feel what New York is about. Not Christmas, not none of that sh*t, to me. It’s really the summer – that’s when you can get that true blue New York experience.

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