New Release: Kon – ‘Kon & The Gang’ (via Legitmix)


Not too long ago, re-edit/rework “king” Kon and Legitmix partnered up to host a remix contest with us, which employed the innovative company’s new sample-friendly technology and business model. In sum, the technology “allows remixers to release music without sample clearances by empowering fans to recreate remixes using their own copies of the tracks remixers sample. If fans are missing the sampled sources, Legitmix provides them with an easy way to buy them from iTunes.”

The product of the contest is a 6-track compilation called Kong & The Gang, and includes two unreleased remixes by Kon as well as 4 edits and remixes chosen from a slew of entries from the aforementioned contest. Stream it all below! Also, in the above video Kon schools us on the history of the edit.

Purchase the Kon & The Gang EP via Legitmix here.

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