Interview: King Britt Talks New Projects + NYC Le Bain Party on 10/15


Our upcoming Monday night with the legendary King Britt is just around the corner. As King prepares for what sure to be an all night booty rocking affair, we catch up with the man himself about what’s been moving him of late.

More details on the party after the jump.

Giant Step: What’s your typical day been looking like of late? we know you’re always doing interesting things.

King Britt: Well, I try my best to be pretty organized. I’m lucky to be home through the week Mon-Thurs to work in the studio. I just recently did a remix for Cat Power, Arc in Round and Manuel Tur. Then weekends I fly out to do gigs or check my daughter on campus.

GS: When we checked in with you earlier, you mentioned that you’ve been working “on a number of very interesting projects at the moment.” We’d love to hear more about them!

KB: Yes, as I mentioned, just did some remixes. Recently, completed a few commissions, one an album for the DataGarden label, which is part sound design part experimental music, out now on their label. Two, I just completed a ‘sound art’ commission for Bowerbird as part of Design Philadelphia, which is a sonic interpretation of Jim Sanborn’s Ars Menendi sculpture.

I also am excited about my sample/loops series for Beatport Sounds/SoundsToSample. The series is called Fragments and is focused for producers who also play in a live setting. Volume one will be November 16 released.

Lastly, I am doing a project called Dumi Songs, with Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces, based on the recordings of his father. We record in Zimbabwe in December.

GS: Of the projects you’re working on right now, which one strikes you as the most interesting and why?

KB: Well the Dumi Songs project as it is so important to preserve the music of Zimbabwe and his father but simultaneously bringing a new perspective to the music and process. Also, we get to go to Zimbabwe with the help of Philadelphia Music Project and the Pew Center for Heritage and Arts.

GS: Any news on solo projects?

KB: I am re-releasing the full Sylk130 catalog in mid to late 2013. Its been 15 years and I plan to do it big with box set – unreleased mixes, tour, etc.

GS: Favorite piece of vinyl you’ve procured in recent times? And what makes is so near and dear to your heart?

KB: Actually havent been digging much but received an amazing 10″ from Innovative Leisure of the new Nosaj Thing single – wow!

GS: We are quite excited about having you come bless the house with your skills on October 15. Any peeks on what kinda tunes you’ll have up your sleeve?

KB: I’m just excited to see the old and new faces of the Giant Step events. Im playing all across the board – Boogie, Disco, House, Techy, Soul, etc. Lets go on a trip!

GS: You’ve been rocking with Giant Step for quite some time (and ever so gracious we are). What’s your favorite Giant Step party of yore that you played? What made it so special?

KB: I think 1991 for New Music Seminar in NYC. It was myself and Marques WyattGroove Collective played. I still have the poster. It was special because the whole acid jazz scene was just coming into fruition in the states and I feel we were breaking something very important.

Event Details
King Britt at Le Bain
Monday, October 15 2012

Doors at 8PM

Tickets: Free with RSVP
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Le Bain at The Standard
444 W. 13th St.
New York, NY

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