Video: Karriem Riggins – “Summer Madness”


Who doesn’t love a little Brazilian themed tropical tune to take us away during the chilly times? We sure don’t mind. Above, the Karriem Riggins “Summer Madness” jam gets a video treatment and viewers straight into party mode. Follow the evening from setup and soundcheck to prettying up and pre-gaming down to the feature evening itself. Really digging the angles and vibes on the live concert footage!

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Video: Rhye – “The Fall” (Live)


Back in February, we introduced you to the super secret production duo named Rhye. Now they’ve gotten all snazzy with an official website and a single called “The Fall.” Above is a sweet little nostalgic video to the live version showing the little joys, stolen kisses, and precious moments that make it all worth it.

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Rest In Peace, Austin Peralta


Photo by Seher Sikandar

Jazz pianist and Flying Lotus collaborator Austin Peralta has passed at the all too young age of twenty two. Flying Lotus announced the untimely death on his Twitter page this morning. Just last summer, we got to watch Austin rip with the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble at the Harlem Stage and snap the above photo backstage.

Thankful for the refreshing talent’s contribution to music thus far and wish we could have seen what his promising future held.

In the below clip, Austin performs live in Tokyo. Read more on the LA Times website.

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Video: Full Crate & Mar – “Summer Tour 2012 Recap”


Just off of their summer tour, Full Crate & Mar have continued to set the music streets abuzz with their disarming music. The above video features highlights from what seems to have been a crazy awesome tour. Cameos from Teresajenee, Om’Mas Keith, Robin Hannibal, Andre Power, and others show the guys in good company, foreshadowing only more good to come!

Look forward to an album coming soon enough from the duo as well – looks like they’re back in the studio putting in work!

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Video: The Mynabirds – “Body of Work”


The Mynabirds frolick out in the forest and hang twin size beds from trees in the new video for “Body of Work.” And quite the festive body of work it is – mirror art projects, dance breakdowns, leaf eating, and just having all out fits of uncontrolled energy.

Adore the creativity with this video – the perspectives, play with light, special effects, and fantasy created are all too enticing. Props to director Avital Tsypin for helping make it all happen.

Lead singer Laura Burhenn goes on to say about the song:

“’Body of Work’ is a reminder of our absolute power to reimagine, redesign, and transform our lives at any given moment into something we enjoy to the utmost, something that’s wholly and fully our own,” says Burhenn. “We are not victims of the past, but artists who can shape it into the most brilliant form imaginable; we are living things, bodies of work to edit.”

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