Video: The Mynabirds – “Body of Work”


The Mynabirds frolick out in the forest and hang twin size beds from trees in the new video for “Body of Work.” And quite the festive body of work it is – mirror art projects, dance breakdowns, leaf eating, and just having all out fits of uncontrolled energy.

Adore the creativity with this video – the perspectives, play with light, special effects, and fantasy created are all too enticing. Props to director Avital Tsypin for helping make it all happen.

Lead singer Laura Burhenn goes on to say about the song:

“’Body of Work’ is a reminder of our absolute power to reimagine, redesign, and transform our lives at any given moment into something we enjoy to the utmost, something that’s wholly and fully our own,” says Burhenn. “We are not victims of the past, but artists who can shape it into the most brilliant form imaginable; we are living things, bodies of work to edit.”

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