New Track: Maya Azucena – “Come With Me” + Exclusive Interview


Miss Maya Azucena recently released a fresh new tune called “Come With Me.” While catching up about the song, we also managed to get a handful of other great bits into Maya’s world these days. Check out the exclusive interview.

Giant Step: Can you tell us more about the concept of this song and its inspiration? Any background?

Maya Azucena: I wrote “Come With Me” as a flirtatious challenge to someone I had feelings for. There is this intense chemistry between us, yet a huge amount of hesitance to explore it because of the fear of being hurt. My point was to stay in the moment and enjoy each other. I wanted him to just allow me to make him feel good, and this is a feel-good kinda song.

“Come With Me” is produced by music veterans Loslito (multi-instrumentalist and founder of The Rebirth) and Caleb Speir (bassist and co-writer of “American Boy” by Estelle) under the name of their new production team: TRIGO FARE. Their unique brand of organic soundscaping and deeply infectious beats is evident in this first offering as a team.

GS: We heard you went to Russia recently! What was that all about?

Maya: I was recently invited by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to do a tour of Russia with my band, as Cultural Ambassadors for the U.S.. We did a phenomenal tour of 5 cities in two weeks. Performing about 11 shows in that time, we did two jazz festivals, went to Siberia, sang at a hospital for young people with spinal injuries, walked through Moscow’s Red Square, and received incredible press coverage during our trip

There was a feature on the cover of the World section in The Washington Post and there is this profile piece by MTV Russia, too.

It was a very inspiring trip and allows me to see the magic of what I do – That it is truly possible to connect with people of all persuasions, through music.

GS: You’re involved in the campaign. Can you tell us more about that as well as the song you have coming out with DJ Spinna?

Maya: My song “Dance Revolution”, produced by DJ Spinna, is coming on January 14 to mark the one-month countdown to One Billion Rising. The OBR campaign is an international movement to stand against domestic violence. Founded by playwright (Vagina Monologues) and human rights activist Eve Ensler, One Billion Rising is based on the statistical fact that 1 in 3 women and girls will have been abused or raped in their lifetime. This equals roughly 1 billion people of the world’s population. On February 14th, 2013, the goal is for 1 billion women and girls to participate in a united, international series of acts against domestic violence through dance.

As part of this important campaign, I was commissioned to write the song “Dance Revolution”, produced by renown DJ Spinna. The accompanying music video by upcoming female director Rae Maxwell (RMI) will represent for anyone who has ever felt oppressed by their circumstances. Shot over the course of 7 days, on 2 coasts in 3 cities, the video features dancers from Brooklyn, LA and San Francisco.

GS: What else can we look out for with Maya in the coming months?

Maya: I am proud to say that I recently performed as part of the prestigious TEDxWomen conference in DC’s United States Institute of Peace.

My music integrates my mission of inspiring others to recognize their own power to change their circumstances, or to change their communities. In my future are more of these divine opportunities to make inspiring music.

I plan to be in The Congo for the One Billion Rising big event on February 14th, 2013. An African tour will follow, to countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya; A European tour with my band in April (still filling in dates); A U.S tour for late Spring.

I look forward to touring behind the music of my latest, critically acclaimed full-length CD, Cry Love, as well as supporting my new single releases. Along the way, I’ll be collaborating with more producers and artists, and looking forward to connecting with my fans.

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