New Remix: Justice – “Helix” (Domenico Torti’s Headspin Remix)


A new Justice EP is on its way for January 8! Called Helix, the EP expands on the original “Helix” track from the band’s most recent album, Audio, Video, Disco, and also introduces a couple remixes, one of which we’ve got for you today! The remix above is by Domenico Torti and the other remix is by Gesaffelstein. The EP also comes with two fresh cuts, “Presence” and “Ohio.”

Now get to dancing your brains out, already!

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Video: Karriem Riggins – “Round The Outside”


We don’t even know what just happened to us. This new Karriem Riggins video for “Round The Outside” is something real special. Bedouins, tents, pop-locking, and Persian rugs have whole new meaning now. You try and figure it out. Or maybe you shouldn’t, really. Enjoy the dance break.

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The Influence of Betty Davis Decoded


Recently we stumbled across a great two part article on entitled The Prototype: Betty Davis Lit The Spark That Ignited Today’s Music Inferno. The boldly title piece does not flinch or waver in proving this point. The article is both gripping and compelling, arguing that not only did Betty Davis materially influence Miles Davis’ music and personal style, but she went on to influence many others in the process. Statements like “Davis is arguably the prototype of every single black female vocalist of note in the 21st century” certainly give you something to think about.

The premise for the article can be further summed up with the excerpts below.

When it comes to the influence that Betty Davis bestowed on music, her individual work is always an afterthought when held up against her lasting impression on former husband, legendary trumpeter Miles Davis. Fact about it, whenever her name is mentioned in print, it’s immediately followed by “ex-wife of Miles Davis”.

The extent of how Betty Davis’ existence changed American music goes so far beyond her influence on Miles Davis, and it would be an insult to even describe it as a “ripple effect”, insinuating a pebble dropped into a pond. Her impact has been so severe that it warrants the quantification of a “tsunami effect”, more of a meteor striking the Pacific Ocean.

An awesome, engrossing read!

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New Track: Lotus – “Massif”


In conjunction with the announcement of their upcoming album, Build (out February 19), Lotus album just released their new single, “Massif.” The bouncy electro dance jam compels you into an immediate boogie.

Veterans in rocking live shows, Lotus takes the same funky party theory to the new album in “evoking vinyl breaks, house, and big-beat.”

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New Release: Mark de Clive-Lowe – ‘NEXT Collective: The Mixtape’


Always the tastemaker extraordinaire, Mark de Clive-Lowe, presents us with a preview of an awesome project some great young jazz musicians have embarked on. NEXT Collective: The Mixtape introduces us to NEXT Collective and their upcoming album set to cover some of their favorite artists and ‘reinterpret them from a jazz perspective.’ Covered artists include Little Dragon, Jay Z and Kanye West, D’Angelo, N.E.R.D, Stereolab, Drake, Meshell Ndegeocello, and on.

Members of NEXT Collective include Logan Richardson (sax), Walter Smith III (sax), Matthew Stevens (guitar), Gerald Clayton (keys), Kris Bowers (keys), Ben Williams (bass), Jamire Williams (drums) and guest trumpeter Christian Scott.

Absolutely love it when worlds collide like this. Stream and download below!

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents NEXT Collective: The Mixtape [Download on Sendspace]

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