New Track: Kenna – “Gloria” (U2 Cover)


Kenna and his tingle-giving superpowers. In an effort to garner the attention of Bono to help assist him with his Summit on the Summit 2 initiative, he’s released this majestic U2 cover of “Gloria.” We’re in another world right now.

Through his work with Summit on the Summit, Kenna gathers “musicians, actors, friends, and educators to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to bring awareness to the global clean water crisis.”

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Video: ‘Downloaded’ (Napster Documentary) Trailer


Remember that captivating film released a while back called The Social Network? You know, the one about Facebook. The one where Justin Timberlake (our boy is on a roll here with the last post) played a rather debonaire Shawn Fanning, the founder of Napster. After witnessing the alarming charisma of this Shawn Fanning character, weren’t you like, “Damn. I wish they could make a movie like this about Napster, too.” Well! Your wish has been answered. Sorta.

While not a reality based film with professional actors, this upcoming Napster documentary entitled Downloaded appears just as enticing with real world accounts from Shawn Fanning himself, musicians, and other industry insiders. Music lovers will get to see just exactly how this platform revolutionized music and placed a lasting mark on society and politics forever.

Look for it to drop on VH1 (hopefully) soon. Air date is still TBA.

High fives to the lovely folks at Okayplayer for sharing.

Video: Justin Timberlake – ‘I’m Ready’


Love him or hate him, Justin Timberlake has certainly made a lasting impact in the world of modern R&B. And we know a bunch of you on the low (or not so on the low) have rocked his albums – there’s some undeniably solid R&B this man’s been shelling out, even aside from his glossy pop singles.

So for those fans interested, sir Timberlake seems to be brewing a new album – the first since his 2006 release, FutureSex/LoveSounds. Watch his little teaser above explaining hiatus and then stay tuned for what promises to be another tease in a few days!

Countdown to Justin’s next unveiling Sunday at midnight.

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Video: Bilal – “Back To Love”


“Get Back To Love” with visuals. Don’t mind if we do. Bilal yesterday released his charming new video for the most recent single off his upcoming A Love Surreal album. Playing a quirky relationship counselor named “Dr. Love,” Bilal somehow helps his maddened clients get back to their happy place.

Look for A Love Surreal on February 12.

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