Exclusive Interview: Alice Russell Talks New Album and Upcoming NYC Show


On May 12 at LPR, Alice Russell will be performing her new album, To Dust, which dropped in the US today! We caught up with the vibrant singer to talk about her new album, the upcoming show, and her love for music, amongst a couple other things. Dig in below.

Find show details on our event page.

Giant Step: Congratulations on completing your newest album, To Dust! What can folks expect on this album; how does it compare to your previous works?

Alice Russell: Well for me it was a return to My Favourite Letters, the album before Pot of Gold. Pot of Gold for me was like a love session album really, and both TM Juke and I wanted to twist it up and get back to playing around with the production. Building up the sound bricks from the ground up, there was a lot of deconstruction then reconstructing. Some of the songs went through 5 different versions before they felt right. Others we reverted back to the demo for the original energy of the song. There are foot stomps, layers of vocals and all sorts of other treats in there. Also Alex (TM Juke) had a lot of new production tricks up his sleeve to try out. We played around a lot on this album .

GS: We know you command a huge presence when performing, but for those newer to that experience, how would you describe your live performances?

AR: Pretty raw, energetic – come and see for yourselves! We have changed it up so there are more triggers and synth bass present! New album, new live feel for sure.

GS: What are the commonalities you find in music that is most compelling to you? What is it that moves you?

AR: Emotion and communication. I have still not found a person not moved by music, whatever genre (a word I dislike). It brings people together whether to dance together, just to listen or to discuss a song theme that has moved us. From a beat of the drum to lifting our voices to singing, we have a need to express ourselves and the fact that we don’t know what we are doing here? So many questions and no solid answers, push us as humans to create some sense from the nonsense. It’s a beautiful thing. There are traces of music within our culture since the dawn of time shown as drawings. It is intrinsic that we communicate with each other and the world around us. And that is my love of all things connected to communication music/art/dance.

GS: If you weren’t a singer, what would be your alternate dream job?

AR: David Attenborough‘s assistant! I would have to accompany him on all his trips. That or I’d love to be a dancer! Interpretive dance baby!

GS: You seem to be a lover of life and we adore that about you. For you personally, what makes life worth living?

AR: Love.

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