A Few Questions with FaltyDL + NYC DJ Set @ Le Bain – June 24


Leading up to his Monday night DJ set at Le Bain in NYC, FaltyDL answered a few questions for us. Get details on the party below!

Giant Step: Miles Davis is cited as a life-changing influence of yours. Can you share some about the impact of Miles Davis on your life?

FaltyDL: Everything I’ve learned about improvisation, I’ve learned from Miles. [Improvisation] is rare in electronic music – it’s all so grid in a way. But I just love his music.

GS: What led you to becoming a sushi chef?  

FDL: Needed money and washing dishes was so shit.

GS: How did the transition into music full time happen?

FDL: Slowly but surely with enough releases and gigs under my belt. Carved my own niche, I guess.

GS: Your most proud remix moment?

FDL: Different ones were different milestones. Zed Bias, Sean Kuti – been honored to do them all.

GS: What projects are you currently working on?

FDL: Just making more tunes!

GS: A musical act you love that others would never expect you to?

FDL: Guns N Roses

GS: Explain to us how you wreck a party when you DJ; folks need to be prepared.

FDL: I build it up nicely, then right when it should climax, I drop some jazz and everyone looks disappointed and the crowd goes away. That’s how I usually wreck a party.

Event Details
FaltyDL DJ Set at Le Bain

Monday, June 24
Doors 8pm

Free with RSVP

Le Bain at The Standard
444 W. 13th St.
New York NY, 10014

Recap: Empire Of The Sun Kicks Off MTV Iggy & Intel’s Music Experiement 2.0 in NYC


Last night, MTV Iggy & Intel launched The Music Experiment 2.0 series in New York City and we at Giant Step had the pleasure of producing the fantastic event. Featured act Empire of the Sun gave an unforgettable performance and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the incredible experience we were able to bring to life.

Attendees entered Gotham Hall and were treated to performers honoring the cosmic masquerade theme that guests were encouraged to dress up for. DJ Adrian Lux got the party started and was followed by a heated performance by fire breathers and drummers.

Then, Empire of the Sun took the stage for a mind-blowing set featuring several dancers, costume changes and some big creature blowing smoke. It was unlike anything we have ever seen.

Also, check out the Instagram photos taken by fans here.