New Release: Sunni Colòn – ‘The Els’ Flowers’ EP



Los Angeles singer/songwriter and producer Sunni Colòn has released his The Els’ Flowers EP and it’s sounding mighty right. The opening guitar strings on the sparse “Earth” track along with subtle, lo-fi, echoey vocals immediately set a tone analogous to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. The EP is strong front to back and the perfect mood music for a chill Friday evening.

Throwback Thursday: De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest @ Ritz – Feb 16, 1992



For this week’s Throwback Thursday, Giant Step President/CEO Maurice Bernstein shares with us his memory of a 1992 De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest show at Ritz.

This show was at the Ritz, New York. The Ritz used to be where Webster Hall is now, but at this point the Ritz had moved uptown into what was Studio54. It was a big venue.

The show happened on President’s Day weekend and was a double bill with De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. While we’d worked with Tribe before, this was the first show we did with De La. It was a Sunday, there was no school on Monday, and it was absolutely ram packed. Everybody wanted to be there. I mean, Tribe in ‘92, De La in ‘92, you know? It was pretty incredible – great performances with great energy. This was a classic, classic New York show.

One of the things that I remember very distinctly – and I actually talked to Q-Tip about this as well – there was a big fight by the side of stage. All these different posses came down and they were all standing at this side area. People would go up and they’d all start freestyling during the performers’ sets. When the fight happened, I remember Tip turning around – he was on stage – and just saying, “Can you guys just all chill out?” It was one of the first times I’d seen a fight at one of our events. It was very rare that something like that would happen at a Giant Step event. But when these posses would roll in, there was always beef between somebody and somebody.