Interview: Res Dishes on Her ‘Refried Mac’



Last month, singer Res released a project entirely dedicated to Fleetwood Mac reworks that she calls Refried Mac. We had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely lady about the EP, her songwriting process, and the future. To get a taste of Refried Mac, catch the video for “Dreams” after the jump.

Giant Step: Of all the artists you could choose cover, what inspired you to do an entire project surrounding Fleetwood Mac in particular?

Res: I chose to cover Fletwood Mac and Stevie Nicks because I love the music. I love the melodies and lyrics first, and I am just a fan. People have said that I sometimes have a quality in my voice that is reminiscent of her, so I thought I’d give it a try.

GS: What did the process of doing these reworks evoke in you? Any surprising or profound feelings come about?

Res: What struck me the most is the lyrics and how strong and honest they are. I am surprised every time I perform how a great song will never fall on deaf ears.

GS: What’s your personal favorite on Refried Mac and why?

Res: I think “Dreams” and “Rhiannon” are my two favorites but “Little Lies” sounds great on the speakers as well!
“The Chain” is great live and “Edge of Seventeen” has alot of growl when performed and is so poetic!

GS: You’ve been around for awhile and in that midst, we’ve seen you play with a variety of sound; how would you describe your musical evolution to date?

Res: I think I just do with what I have at the moment.

GS: How do you approach your songwriting?

Res: When it comes to songwriting, I just try to go with the first thing that naturally comes out and that I like.
I then try to hone in on saying something worth singing about. I like having songs that speak to my peers and audience.

GS: We hear a new album is coming 2014 – what can listeners expect to hear? When will it be out?

Res: Yes, I am planning on releasing an album in 2014. I’m excited because its been so long since my last solo release. Expect the RESET of music. I am staying in the cut with my style that was developed on my debut, but I am also pushing my music further this record.

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