Pharrell Drops First 24-Hour Video Ever for “Happy”


Pharrell’s new video for “Happy” is 24-hours long. Yes, you heard right. Visit to view the world’s first 24-hour long music video adventure.

Folks landing on the website will be directed to the portion of the video corresponding to your current time of day. Basically, every iteration of the roughly 4-minute song cycles about 360 times with new vignettes of people dancing gleefully to the track.

Cameos include Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Kimmel, and others.

You can watch a 4 hour segment above or pick your own time of day on the website.

Throwback Thursday: Blaze @ SOBs – August 22 & 23, 1990



For this week’s Throwback Thursday, Giant Step President/CEO Maurice Bernstein tells us about Blaze’s 1990 shows for their debut album. What were some of your favorite Blaze tunes?

We started out the Groove Academy in June of 1990 with our main focus on shows highlighting older funk & soul artists, but the third show we did was with a new group called Blaze from New Jersey.

Representing the New Jersey underground house scene, they were heavily influenced by 70s soul, dance music, and gospel. Signed to Motown by Timmy Regisford, Blaze were pegged as the next generation of the label (in the spirit of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”).

We were really excited to work with them, especially with Blaze being a band that I was very keen on and the fact that Motown had really gotten behind them. Their tune “So Special” was a big hit in NY house music community.

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