Interview: Rich Medina Checks In Before Feb 24 DJ Set at Le Bain



Party people! Join us this coming Monday, February 24 for a beautiful night with Rich Medina spinning tunes at Le Bain in NYC. Leading up to the night, we have our maestro bringing us up to speed on his favorite artists of the moment, what makes a great party, and other exciting morsels. Enjoy!

Event Details
Rich Medina DJ Set at Le Bain
Monday, February 24

Free with RSVP

Le Bain at The Standard
444 W. 13th St.
New York, NY

Giant Step: You’ve played at Le Bain a couple times for us now. What’s your favorite part about spinning there?

Rich Medina: There are many things I love about Le Bain, but the most important factor for me is the clientele. The meat packing district is a different monster in the 21st century, so the music heads and dancers who come to the nights I do there really make me happy.

GS: What type of music can folks expect to hear you spin on the 24th?

RM: So far, we’ve kept the music mature and sophisticated. A bit of a tip of the hat to the NYC dance club pioneers like Larry Levan, David Mancuso and the like. Freedom music. Sounds that bring people into the light rather than fan the flames of rebellion or angst.

GS: What’s been comprising your time of late? Lots of touring, recording? Tell us about it!

RM: Touring and being a dad who desires to be present is an all consuming endeavor. But I swear, being a dad is my favorite job. I’ve done some recording with Da Lata and a few other quiet projects I’ll reveal going into the summer. But fatherhood & touring are my time eaters right about now.

GS: Can we hope for a new Rich Medina album sometime in the near future?

RM: Hell. To. The. Yes!

GS: What are some of your favorite new artists these days? Who should people be looking out for?

RM: Hiatus Kaiyote, The Internet, Rasheed Chappell, King, Black Coffee, The whole South African house music movement, Rhapsody. Jamla music & their associates, Nick Hakim, Inc. We need a whole newspaper to really answer that in full…

GS: In your opinion, what makes a great party?

RM: A great party is made up of:

- A DJ or talent who is sensitive to their audience and capable of changing plans under pressure.

- A fast and friendly bar staff who has their own clientele.

- Venue management that allows everyone on staff to do their jobs to their best strengths for the sake of the house, and who allows their clientele to believe the space was designed just for them.

- Security that will break their foot off in your ass, yet only show that when a situation that needs it takes place.

- Sound installation that’s designed via the realization that talent will be showing their talent through said sound, and all the importance of that notion in an event.