Rest In Peace, Frankie Knuckles



The Bronx-born Godfather of house music, Frankie Knuckles, has passed away. Upon moving to Chicago in the late 70s, the legendary DJ and producer helped change the face of dance music and culture with the advent of Chicago house music. Some words from Maurice:

We are all deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Frankie Knuckles. When I first came to New York from England in 1987, I knew dance music and culture. It wasn’t until I heard Frankie Knuckles DJ at The World that I discovered House Music and my life changed forever. Without Frankie Knuckles’ influence, there would be no Giant Step plain and simple. Dance music has lost its Godfather; he is gone but will never be forgotten.

  • Harlem Trends

    Well said Maurice. Let me add this:

    “FACT: Grammy Award winner Frankie Knuckles played a
    vital role in creating and spreading House Music around the world. He
    was instrumental in popularizing Dance Music, Remixing, and DJ culture
    for decades, which lead to today’s EDM category being arguably the most
    popular music category amongst young people worldwide. While the current
    Electronic Dance Music scene includes a broad range of sub-genres
    today, there is a huge legion of true House Music fans across the globe
    who prefer the soulful and spiritual vibe that Frankie championed.”

    Tony Edwards – NEW YORK, NY