Fatima Speaks About Her Upcoming Release ‘Yellow Memories’


Words by Korby Benoit

Fatima is a Swedish born vocalist based in London. In recent years she’s earned praise for her work that has spread through the UK’s music scene. Her lush and soulful collaborations with Eglo Records co-founder Floating Points have kept her name abuzz and on May 14th her new album Yellow Memories will be available on Eglo Records.

Along with Floating Points producers Flako, Oh No, Shafiq Husayn, Knxledge, Scoop Deville and Computer Jay are responsible for the album’s sound. I recently spoke with Fatima as she was in London preparing for the album release.

“You make your music and you never know how people are going to feel about it.  It’s always good to hear when people are enjoying it. It makes me happy” explains Fatima.

“The album is called Yellow Memories because I was struggling to find a title. It’s pretty hard. I guess it’s like naming a child. I was thinking about my grandma’s house.  And I was thinking about the past.  The word yellow is because my grandma’s house is actually yellow. That house to me represents my childhood and me growing up in Sweden.” She continues, “I was looking at family photos and it just popped up in my head. It’s me reminiscing of a time that’s been before and that house is kind of a like a symbol of the past. I think the album represents family, love, sunshine and the past.”

I asked about her work with producer, Floating Points.  She explained, “Me and Sam [Floating Points] basically we met a few years ago in London through clubs here. He plays music at this place called Plastic People. When we work he might have a melody on the piano lets say and then I’ll have little idea and then I’ll build on it. Seldom do my tracks start with the singing, it’s usually with the music. From the music comes my inspiration to write whatever.  Most of the time it’s him having a little something or going through some of the little ideas that he already started on the computer.”

She offered some insight into her growing popularity saying, “I definitely think that I’m more established over here [in London] but at the same time its not like everyone knows about me. There’s people listening a little bit all over the place but it’s not like I’m a household name. Overall I’m more established in Europe. I know there’s people listening over in the states but I definitely need to work on my presence there. I’ve been working with a few producers from out there. That helps because people might know about them and they hear about me from the other end.”

Yellow Memories is roughly two years in the making and she explains, “The album comes with all the lyrics because everyone doesn’t always hear what you say. I hope the people really listen and pay attention because it means something. Because when I listen to music I’m interested in knowing what was the meaning behind it.”

Fatima is currently playing shows with the Eglo Live Band. One of her stops this summer will be the Outlook Festival in Croatia where she will be on the same bill as Lauryn Hill.