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Anthony David


Georgia native Anthony David has spent his whole life writing songs. Now his riveting story telling, passionate guitar playing and stirring voice will be featured on his major label debut 'Acey Duecy' and introduce the world to Soulbird Music, a new ... more


""Invoking such influences as Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Bill Withers and Black Thought, Anthony David is at root a storyteller. His soothing rasp delivers stories about respect ("Georgia Peach"), romance ("Heart-strings") and outrage (Krooked Kop)."" — Billboard Magazine

"...showcases David's flair for relating compelling and nuanced stories about everyday experiences." — VIBE

"This Atlanta singer/songwriter has been hailed by critics as the Bill Withers of a new generation. On his debut, Tony creates soulful urban tunes inspired by the human experience. His immaculate blend of blues, R&B, and hip-hop creates a distinct sound that breaks open a new dimension in soul music. Pleasures, desires, and life struggles are passionately conveyed through his husky yet intimate vocal delivery, descriptive lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and out of the box acoustic rhythms." —

"David's raspy vocal style bears some obvious comparison to Bill Withers or even Joe Cocker. With heartfelt lyrics about love and life and David's easy-going down-home acoustic guitar playing, "Three Chords" is the musical equivalent of a country boy in his Sunday best, as polished as it is raw." —



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Released On: Dec 06, 2011

As Above, So Below

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Released On: Mar 22, 2011

The Setup EP

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Released On: Nov 23, 2010

Acey Duecy

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Released On: Jun 24, 2008