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Yo! Majesty


This is about being real. Straight up. We believe in what's just, what's right, what's real..." - Shunda K of YO! MAJESTY

When YO! MAJESTY's self promoted Yo EP surfaced in 2006, everyone who heard it couldn't help raising an eyebrow along ... more


"Few acts combine rap music, pro-gay sloganeering and spiritual enlightenment quite like Yo! Majesty" — New York Times Magazine

"If punk was originally about defying labels, celebrating misfits, creating new sounds, and doing it all on one's own terms, hand-wringers about that genre should open their ears and listen no further. Because by those criteria, Yo! Majesty is the most punk fucking rock thing out there right now." — Miami New Times

"Yo! Majesty absolutely blew my mind. Shunda K & Jwl. B came out and tore into a set that was explosive, aggressive, and relentless." — Brooklyn Vegan

"Yo! Majesty's boss blend of Miami bass meets Southern crunk combined with devastating lyrics that shock, awe, and educate at the same time.. it's no surprise they're getting write-ups all over the globe." — East Bay Express


Kryptonite Pussy EP Digital DJ Promo

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Released On: Jul 22, 2008