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In the increasingly merciless music industry of the 21st century, Anané shines bright as an example of what a love for life, dedication to music and hard work can bring worldwide success. Chosen by Billboard Magazine as one of the "2008 Faces... more


"Newcomer Anané, with roots in Portugal and the island nation of Cape Verde, takes the stage decked out like Diana Ross, then proceeds to get down like Lauryn Hill fronting the Fugees...Combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop-wise diversity, Anané could be the first up-from-the-nightclub superstar since Madonna." — Billboard

"Her culture, her songwriting (she writes in her native Capeverdean language, Portugues & English), her incredible tone and sound of vocal, and her performance on stage add a beautiful color to the portrait we are painting." — Sodade Music Magazine


''Bem Ma Mi'' DJ Promo

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Released On: Aug 13, 2008

Ananesworld EP

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Released On: Aug 07, 2008


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Released On: Jan 01, 1970