Artist Details

Tito Puente


The excellence embodied by this unparalleled artist, whose talents ran the gamut from musician, composer, director, and arranger, paints a perfect picture of the dimension and magnitude of his talent. Tito Puente was known around the world as "The King of Latin Music" and also skilled at the bateria, congas, claves, piano and saxophone, which allowed him to create a school for every musical genre he entered.

Attempting to tell his story requires going back to the very beginning of every musical movement he participated in over the course of his long and successful career. He was a great among greats. He gained his experience among the consecrated artists who would write the history of contemporary music. It would be impossible to name all the stars that Puente shared his music with or the countless performances he gave as "His Excellency, the World Ambassador of Latin American Music." Puente received the highest awards, distinctions, and praise for his more than 135 albums, 600 compositions, and countless arrangements for diverse artists and musical genres. Among those was the coveted Grammy, which he won five times.

With the death of Maestro Tito Puente on May 31, 2000, an important chapter in the history of Latin American music closed forever. At the same time, he became a legend.