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From his collaborations with and influences from such creative and versatile producers and DJ’s, to his live performances with the Bad Jazz Troupe, to his spinning vinyl records, these experiences have all combined to generate the unique sound found in Dusty’s productions. As a passionate DJ, he travels the world consistently, having performed for audiences in New York, London, Madrid, Canary Islands, Copenhagen, Saigon, Manila or Singapore. He cleverly manages to move dance floors with an individual and positive twist, not by submitting to musical clichés, but by always seeking a distinctive sound, that blends sophisticated old and contemporary dance music.

As a do-it-yourself man, Dusty took months to build a full-scale music studio environment out of white cardboard paper, to be used as basis for the title song’s music video, "Mood Matters,“ in which a large dancing milk carton programs beats, plays instruments and dances along to the jazz driven House track. Paper drum- and tape machines are brought to life by means of elaborate stop-motion generated sequences, which can also be found on the album’s cover art.

If you are already familiar with the eclectic Jazz & Milk cosmos - exemplified by several releases from artists such as Ray Lugo, Sam Irl, Fredericks Brown, The Jivers and Mr. Chop, then you can rightly expect, and not be disappointed by, all the different styles and influences shining through on this album – all held together by the connecting force in Dusty’s music: a whole lot of Rhythm!