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A true multicultural woman, Somi was born in Illinois to immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda, then spent her early childhood in Zambia. A self-described "classical music nerd" as a child, she began studying the cello in primary school, an endeavor that... more


"A superb singer" — Vogue

"Utterly captivating" — All Music Guide

"A mix of soul, jazz and African musical elements including singing in three and four languages. Somi's latest opus definitely reveals an artist whose musical concepts have grown and evolved...The songs are delivered in a soft, intimate but strong and malleable voice. The compositions are all original and reflect the unique musical vision of the artist. Check out how elegantly "Hot Blue" flows along like liquid silk until it segues into a marvelous rump-shaking tama driven romp."" — Akenataa Hammagaadji, First World Music

"Somi's voice is full bodied and sure." — Time Out NY


If The Rains Come First

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Released On: Oct 27, 2009
Released By: Obliqsound

If The Rains Come First Album Sampler

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Released On: Oct 27, 2009
Released By: Obliqsound