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Paper Tongues


Paper Tongues plays for the people. Fusing massive rock n' roll melodies with fiery hip hop beats, the Charlotte band conjures an infectious, incendiary sound on their A&M/Octone debut. Embracing elements of rock, funk, rap and soul, these seven individuals have created something you haven't before. It's music for dancing, crying, loving and living. Paper Tongues - Aswan North, Devin Forbes, Cody Blackler, Joey Signa, Clayton Simon, Jordan Hardee and Danny Santell - are a collective of artists, and this record is their first masterpiece.

Paper Tongues was officially born in 2007 on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Lead singer Aswan North, helped found the "Inprov Music Experience", a weekly event where musicians played for the homeless at a main intersection in the middle of the city. The current band lineup congregated at uptown Charlotte weekly, slowly developing a bond. Aswan started cultivating his song writing and presence during those shows. He brought those street sounds and ideas to producers in Los Angeles. It didn't take long for Aswan's collaborators to feel the power and magnitude behind the ideas of his music. This caught Cody and Devin's attention. They had been formally playing as Paper Tongues. With Cody, Devin, Jordan and Clayton's help, Aswan quickly set out to find other members for this entity. As the songs sprung to life, Paper Tongues was reborn with the same vision to impact rock n' roll with a new sound.