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You may have heard Madison's music before. Her songs are already popping up on the play lists of some top DJs, and she is renowned for performing impromptu 3am sets at clubs for the downtown, late night contingent. Her songs have also recently been featured on Ugly Betty, Love Bites, 90210, Melrose Place, Brothers And Sisters, Samantha Who, Parking Wars, a nationwide trailer for ABC's Rookie Blue, and a national Subaru commercial. And really, she's just getting started.

Madison's signature sound is a postmodern pop pastiche with street-smart style - high fashion for lowbrows, if you will - and a refreshing reminder that great pop music is essential even in today's world of pervasive indie.

The first installment of a 4-part EP series, The Noise Some People Make is out now. Madison is madly pursuing a new perspective to pop music: the setting of trends, the making of tastes, a business model that is perfect for the new music "industry" - playing by one's own rules, which for Madison means having no rules at all.