Artist Details

Cole Williams


Raised in the East Flatbush (aka the Little West Indies) section of Brooklyn, as the only child of a Jamaican mother and Bed Stuy-native father, Cole Williams was immediately inducted into a melting pot of food, music and attitudes. The neighborhood was rough, but the influences remained.

Having been immersed in music since the wizened old age of 4 – when she learned to play the piano (she was 6 when she began singing) – Williams tried going the traditional route by enrolling in college and contemplating a career in social

services, but she soon realized she simply didnʼt find it interesting. Logic won out and she dropped her classes after that semester.

Working on her own material, she drew inspiration from some of her favorite artists, such as Donny Hathaway, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Sam Cooke, Bob Marley and The Beatles. "I think I find the positive pieces of each artist I look up to and aspire to the vision and clarity in which they work; but I also examine the negative aspects of the industry in their life and put myself in their shoes... how, if possible, can I do it differently."

While promoting her sophomore project in France and The US; Williams is currently putting the final touches on her third album, a Limited Edition Double EP, Out Of The Basement, Out Of The Box while performing with her two bands: ThatʼsMyCole(soul/rock/ska) and Peopleʼs Champs(afro beat/rock/soul hybrid).