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Marbert Rocel


Marbert Rocel formed in 2002 in a flat share in Erfurt, in the first floor of a shady establishment. It started off with DJ Malik, who was DJing rap and producing, and Panthera, who at this time was still washing his laundry at his parent's house. Together they built beats, and presented several radio shows on the open radio channels in Weimar and Erfurt. These usually consisted of them introducing their two favorite songs from Chet Baker and Taktloss (german rap artist) with brittle voices. Malik had a small Studio at Zughafen, Erfurt, where they produced their first two albums: Speed Emotions (2007) and Catch A Bird (2009). Then they got in contact with Lotus Lumina, the guys, who ended up doing the Lightshow for Marbert Rocel. Through interstellar destiny, Spunk eventually moved into the Zughafen. She recorded the vocals of her first song in her pajamas - "The Harder They Come."

In 2007, they burned a couple of songs onto a CD, attached it to a painted piece of wood, and sent it to Compost Records. Last year Marbert Rocel played, produced, remixed, ate cake and, together with Mathias Kaden, they founded KAROCEL as a special dance interlude for the Nachtdigital Festival. This turned out to be such a successful fusion, that KAROCEL now perform live as well, culminating in the need for concert goers to bring a spare t-shirt.

Marbert Rocel spent a lot of time touring - playing gigs in Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, indoors, outdoors, on the roof, in the cellar, in small groups, in front of many people, and in front of huge crowds. It greatly influenced their music, and it's why they now make ballads at 130 bpm. At a concert on Enceladus in 2010, Marbert Rocel met Martin Kohlstedt. He seemed to fit perfectly to the band and behind the Rhodes, thanks to his constant eightarmness and his tiger stripes.