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Raised by music loving parents, Kon's been digging in record crates since 76, djing since 85, and spinning in clubs since 91. He's one half of Kon & Amir, who released the acclaimed On Track and Off Track series on BBE Records, introducing rare grooves to a new audience.

When Kon started flexing his producing muscle, it wasn't about being secretive about the people he reworked, but paying them tribute and making them relevant to a new generation. This deep respect for digging and mixing prompted Gilles Peterson to name Kon "edit/rework king" of 2012, and feature him enthusiastically on his BBC Radio shows. In the words of Soul Clap: "Kon is the best Disco/Funk/Soul/Boogie DJ in the world." Kon takes a more modest approach, noting that Kon means "king of nothing," and seeks to place the love of music in general above his own work.