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Meye Mind


Formed as a the result of several accidental friendships and born out of pure experimentation, Meye Mind represents what one can only hope is the future of music—a soundscape not codified by genre or labels, but informed solely by the spirit in which it was made. In the case of Meye Mind, this defining spirit is one of total liberation.

The story of Meye Mind begins with front woman Louise Mills, a vocalist, traveler, and musical experimentalist from London who—after spending time playing music in Egypt—set her sights on Berlin. “It was one of those things where I hit the town and that was just it,” she explains, “I decided as soon as I got there that I wasn’t going back to London. Somehow I just knew that whatever was gonna happen for me creatively and musically was gonna happen there. I just never went home.”

As it turns out, these initial feelings turned out to be prescient. After immersing herself in Berlin’s rather kaleidoscopic underground music scene, Mills found herself at a jam session hosted by Berlin based producer and musician Mo Delgado, which provided a watershed moment for both of them. “He hosted these really weird, futuristic jam sessions, “ says Mills, “It was unlike anything I’d ever seen in London. It would start early in the evening and go all the way through the night. It was an environment that allowed you to go deep and really experiment. We just immediately kicked it off together, so we started putting music together without any real plan. It was all about the joy of creating something.”

After experimenting with a variety of different sounds and styles, Mills and Delgado eventually enlisted another Berlin-based DJ/Producer, Luke 4000, to help them further develop their sound and create a kind of live show. “It just worked,” says Mills, “We didn’t have any plan, it wasn’t anything dramatic, the three of us just fell together in a way that felt completely natural.

“It’s quite weird how we do this band,” says Mills, “Most of the songs are still written primarily by Mo and myself, but it’s not often that we’re actually in the same room working on music, we just keep different pieces floating around. I work on things a bit, then he works on it, then we each give each other commentary. We are very connected musically, but we still tend to work better if we each work on our own. We settle our differences much more easily when we aren’t stuck in a room together.”

The songs on Meye Mind’s debut not only manage to harness the current anything goes spirit of Berlin, but the creative flux that happens within the band. The record flirts with old school funk (“Fatness”) and a kind of hyper- futuristic chillwave (“Rooz Revive”), but the record really takes flight on tracks that showcase not only Mills’ incredible vocal range (“I love Nerdy”, the R&B-tinged “How Can You”), but her incredible attitude as well. Few bands this year will release tracks as outré and danceable as “Shut tha Funk Down!” or the aptly-titled, “Bitch.” At a time when hip hop, techno, and old-fashioned rock music continue to synthesize at an astonishing rate, the music makes incredible sense. This is music made by people who love music using technology that allows them to simultaneously make EVERY kind of music at once. It sounds like the future.

“I’m a bit of a music whore,” says Mills. “Everything feeds everything. I need to have different influxes, from heavy metal thrash to drum and’s all necessary for me to develop my own voice. That’s really the spirit of the band. I like to experiment with vocals to achieve some kind of essence spirit that marks something of our own. This band allows me to explore that. So much of making music is about trying to uncover your voice, and the limitless aspect in our creating process really allows Meye Mind to eventually speak it's own language"