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Pretty Lights


A sold-out show playing to thousands of people is typically a reason to celebrate. But for Derek Vincent Smith – better known under his moniker as the innovative electronic-music producer Pretty Lights – it led to a creative crisis of conscience. As he headed offstage during one of the final shows of Pretty Lights’ 2010 fall tour, Smith found himself caught in a moment of introspection that would prove life changing. “I’d been spending a lot of time thinking about the state of the music scene I’m part of,” Smith explains. “Right then, I decided to step it up in all aspects. I needed to make an album that showed that it’s not all about making everything in the computer – a history lesson, but still utterly contemporary.” That initial concept would lead to not one but two new Pretty Lights albums – A Color Map of the Sun and its essential companion, Live Studio Sessions From A Color Map of the Sun . The creation of these two symbiotic works would ultimately find Pretty Lights rewriting the rules for making electronic music – and indeed embarking on one of the most ambitious, labor-intensive musical projects in recent memory.