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Miss Kittin


French-born Miss Kittin has a work ethic that would shame the majority of her fellow countrymen and women. When she's not playing DJ sets at one of her regular European residencies, be it Barcelona, Zurich or Frankfurt, she's either working A&R jobs, hosting radio mix-shows, remixing, collaborating or writing music. Music that gleefully skips through electronic music sub-genres like a hyper-active child racing through a hall of mirrors.

Maybe her decision to relocate to the fertile terrain of Berlin in 2003 played a part in the beautiful eclecticism of her first solo album. Co-produced by Tobi Neumann and Thies Mynther a.k.a. GLOVE, who had previously also worked with fellow electro-pop upstarts Chicks On Speed, I COM opens with the first single "Professional Distortion," a rock meets blip-hop opus and wry commentary on her experiences in the nightlife demi-monde. From there, the album careens through the giddy electro-punk of "Meet Sue Be She" (apparently an ode to her manager) to the shimmering euro-pop of "Kiss Factory" and the icy skank of "Dub About Me".

Widely cited alongside Felix Da Housecat and others as one of the key progenitors of the "electro-clash" wave that swept through Europe and the U.S. in 2001, Miss Kittin came to prominence with her first full length release, her collaboration with The Hacker, aptly titled Miss Kittin and The Hacker, the First Album on the renowned International DJ Gigolo label formed by DJ Hell.

But on I COM, we find a unique personality for whom the notion of "electro-clash" is now a distant memory, where the heavily-accented deadpan delivery over techno beats that established her notoriety on previous recordings like "Frank Sinatra" has been unseated by a desire to sing, to scream, to rap and to croon, all of which she manages to do with ample helpings of sly wit and wordplay and a musical landscape that incorporates both brazen beats and intoxicating atmospherics.

Several guest appearances enhance the mood, including Chicago luminary L.A. Williams on "Requiem For A Hit" and longtime sparring partner Michel Amato (The Hacker) on "Soundtrack Of Now". The album also features a cover version, the 1985 Euro-hit "3eme Sexe" (Third Sex) by Indochine.