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Platinum Pied Pipers


We are pied-piping the world one person at a time."

That's the mission of the Platinum Pied Pipers, a two-man dynamic musical duo that has a potion for modern hip hop soul to tempt the masses, and already the rage is catching on.

Platinum Pied Pipers are Waajeed and Saadiq, musical producers extraordinaire, who have nailed the finishing touches on their debut album, 'Triple P' on Ubiquity Records, with a hungry public waiting in line, both for their fresh-faced approach and tantalizing track record, that has cats lickin' their lips in anticipation.

"We work with a rotating cast of new artists. It keeps the music fresh and innovative. It's very important for us to go where others haven't yet."

Their first two singles sparked sold-out European tour dates and a flurry of press teasers including Urb Magazine's Next 100 issue, a Top 5 rating from The Detroit Free Press for their performance at Detroit's electronic music festival, Movement 2004 and a steady buzz in industry-savvy circles.

"We wanted to challenge both ourselves and our audience with this record by embracing many genres, to create our own hybrid form of music."

Cover versions of Faze O's classic "Rydin' High" and Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes" showcased their musical skills, but their original music is an exciting voyage into the scope of Detroit hip-hop, soul, house, and rock scenes. Fellow Detroit artists Jay Dee, Lacks, Theo Parrish, UK-based Spacek, and Los Angeles based Sa-Ra Creative Partners pop up on the album. The jump off 12" will feature the vocal abilities of Los Angeles native and newcomer Georgia on a classic Waajeed-style banger called "Your Day Is Gone" followed by New York based Tiombe Lockhart's jazzy ballad "I Got You."

While the PPP moniker may be new to the scene, Waajeed is no stranger to those who know their hip-hop. Teaming up with hip hop production guru Jay Dee in the early 1990s, Waajeed helped form the trailblazing group Slum Village. He left the group to pursue a scholarship at College for Creative Studies. In 1999 Waajeed got back behind the boards to once again concentrate his efforts on working with Slum Village. Waajeed contributed tracks to Slum's "Dirty District" compilation on Sequence/Kinetic in 2002 and recorded seven tracks (co-producing two) for the critically acclaimed "Trinity (Past, Present, and Future)" released on Capitol in 2002 - including production credits on "La La" and the dub-influenced club banger "Star." He then worked with Jay Dee co-producing tunes on the instant classic, "Welcome 2 Detroit" released on BBE in 2001 and co-produced songs with Detroit soul sensation Dwelle.

Waajeed's production work was also featured in MGM's box-office hit, Barbershop 1. His label, Bling 47, provided the launching pad for "The Official Jay Dee Instrumental Series," regarded in many circles as an underground classic, and the first installment of his own instrumental series, "BPM." Bling 47's production has even meandered its way onto Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming slot.

Waajeed, a self-taught musician who feels right at home in front of his MPC 2000, is known for his gritty Detroit hip hop style. Whereas Saadiq, a master keyboard and guitar player, brought up under the tutelage of world-renowned songwriter Barrett Strong (most known for his work with Motown artist Marvin Gaye), brings the element of improvisational live instrumentation to PPP's sound.

Waajeed and Saadiq were introduced through their mutual friends, Slum Village, and the two joined forces musically at the turn of the millennium. Their partnership was formally launched on Ubiquity's Rewind Vol.2 and continued to flourish behind the boards for acts including top-selling German group, ASD and Japan based DJ Mitsu's album "The Awakening Remixes" on "Right Here," featuring Dwelle.